The Man who can transform anyone to be successful and happy

Stephen Wise is a certified life coach. Keynote speaker, leadership mentor, author and entrepreneur. Stephen Wise has traveled to many places giving life to the depressed, building confidence and making people value the essence of happiness, an encounter with Him will be a testament to what he enjoys doing. He is an advocate for happiness. He gives you the reason to surge on despite the difficulties and challenges.

Stephen Wise Speaks with EventsMill

Eventsmill: Can we Know you?

Stephen Wise :  My name is Stephen Wise Boniface, I am a certified life coach, and advocate for happiness and entrepreneur. 

Eventsmill: Can we know where you come from and your current location?

Stephen Wise: I am from Umugakwa Ngor okpala, Imo State Nigeria but currently living in Manila Philippines. Iam happily married since 2018, and blessed with a bouncing baby boy. 

Eventsmill: What truly motivates you?

Stephen Wise: I am always inspired to make people feel the way they should do, feeling good and better about themselves. I so much believe that everyone has the right to authentic happiness and no one has the right to deprive you of that without your consent. 

Eventsmill: What Have you Achieved?

Stephen Wise: I am the initiator of WISE GOAL FINDERS. This is a coaching platform that has reached more than 200 countries. Like I told you, I am a transformational coach,  a speaker and a leadership consultant with experience. I have worked with many companies and organisations. I am the author of YOU TOO CAN BE HAPPY, aimed at creating happiness in every living soul, despite the condition.  I started StephWise Happiness Foundation, registered in Nigeria to teach, help and direct many youth/children especially those who are yet to know what authentic happiness is.  


What special thing do you think you can offer to the public?

Stephen Wise: As a life coach, I can help build confidence, find a career that you love, get clear on your goals, stay accountable to your goals,do more of the activities that engage you, form better relationships/marriage, have more meaning in your life, develop your purpose to achieve your ultimate goal in life. As a leadership mentor, I will help you to know the difference between leadership and management to have me as a mentor will enable you to see what great leadership looks like by using soft leadership skills to effectively communicate. I will make a great impact in any company and organisation by improving employees retention and engagement and shaping culture. 

As an entrepreneur, I am business oriented, Iam successful in all business deals and transactions, Iam always willing to help build a career as an excellent entrepreneur. 

Eventsmill: Can we have the Links to your website and book

Stephen Wise: The link to my website is and the link to my book is 

My Social media handles are: Instagram@coachstephwise, Twitter: Stephen Wise 111

Youtube: @StephenWise Channel

Contact; you can contact Stephen Wise @ +639100576577 

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